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KSS Nyborg29.11.2009 : EXC.1 ,BOB Junior, Best Feamle #3, Certifikat : Mango's Royals Highness 


INT. Herning 7.11.2009 + 8.11.2009

BOB Veteranclass EXC.1 : Multich Toymaker's Tiffany

INT. Hannover ( D ) 01.11.2009 : 

BOB, VDH & KTR Jgd.CAC, V1 Juniorclass: Mango's Royal Highness ( Tib. Spaniel 10 month )

BOB VETERAN, VDH & VK Veteran CAC, V1 : Multich. Toymaker's Tiffany

KSS Club show Gørlev  17.10.2009

Fantastic showdebut for Mango's Royal Highness who got here first CAC, became BOB Junior and Best female #2 only 9 month old. Thanks to the judge A. Ostrowski, and congratulation also to the breeder Gerd Eva Varslot in Norway


J-litter 3½ weeks



New danish clubchampion 

Thanks to the breeders: Kaj og Peter from Sweden . "Snoopy" has such a great personality.

KLBCH DKCH DEJUCH Caratoot's Center Court , born d. 26.June 2006 - free of  PL and PRA ( no remarks )


3 lovely boys for sale. Dam : Multich. True and Trusty Aphroditte ; Sire: INTCH Connection Austin Healey

2 weeks old


News from Iceland


True and Trusty Ginger Spice 11 month

Owner : Arnheiður Runolfsdottir, Island



True and Trusty Honky Tonk 10 month

Owner: Jytte Nielsen


International show  Bremen Germany  1. August 2009

Our first Papillon DKCH KLBCH DECH LDSG04 Toymaker's Tiffany now nearly 8 years old won here last VDHCAC in Bremen for the title VDH CH. Later she got the CACIB. Looking forward to show here in the veteranclass.

Our male DKCH DEJUCH Caratoot's Center Court did also very well winning the championclass, got the VDHCAC, VKCAC, CACIB and later on BOB. Thanks to judge Marie Petersen, DK and the breeders of this lovely dogs.


Fantastic showresult in Vejen for our "Snoopy". He got BOB and later BIG # 3. Not bad for a papillon

DKCH DEJUCH Caratoot's Center Court



( DEJUCH DKCH Carartoot's Center Court - DEJUCH True and Trusty Donna Wetter )


Donna gave birth to 4 lovely puppies- see more information the next 8 weeks

        True and Trusty Isn't He Precious    &   True and Trusty Isn't He Wonderful

True and Trusty Isn't She Lovely     &     True and Trusty Isn't She Beautiful


DKK Hedensted 19.april : BOB Baby, BEST IN SHOW BABY 

Mango's Royal Highness " Mimmi"  3month


Our new import from Norway. 

  7 weeks

Mango's Royal Highness  " Mimmi "

( Mango's Bono   3 cert, Cacib   Sol-Wa-Dalen's Madicken C.K. ' s )

Breeder: Gerd Eva Varslot, Norge       BORN: 26.12.2008




True and Trusty Honky Tonk


now living in Gedsted, Denmark



True and Trusty Hokus Pokus   ( 6 weeks )


True and Trusty Hanky Panky 5 weeks


True and Trusty Ginger Spice white/sable dark


New litter born on the 9th of november 2008

3 boys after Ch. Caratoot's Center Court & DEJUCH True and Trusty Donna Wetter 


On the 31 of October our "Ditte" gave birth to 4 lovely puppies. 

From left to right : Male- female-female-female. Look for more on our "For Sale" page


New German Clubchampion

DECHVK DKCH KLBCH LDSG04 Toymaker's Tiffany (7 years)

KROPP 25.10.2008  : DKCH DEJUCH Caratoot's Center Court " Snoopy"  :  BOB VDHCAC CACVK

True and Trusty Electric Boogie : V1 JGD.CACVK, Jgd. CAC VDH , Judge : Karin Voye, D.

What a weekend...........

DKK Int. Show in Ballerup 20.09.2008 

All our 3 papillons "Boogie" , "Donna" and "Snoopy"  won their classes with excellent . Later on both "Donna" and "Snoopy" got the res. CACIB . For Snoopy it was his third CACIB, because the winner already was International Champion.

Next day on the Clubshow in Karlslunde CH.Caratoot's Center Court " Snoppy" won his first clubcac, "Donna" True and Trusty Donna Wetter  won her class again with excellent, and our 10 month old "Boogie " True and Trusty Electric Boogie got 3. winner in the juniorclass.


   Wilhelmsborgwinner 2008  

Fantastic day in Wilhelmsborg. Our puppy  True and Trusty Electric Boogie became BOB Puppy and later Best of Breed 5. Her halfsister True and Trusty Donna Wetter became  BEST Of BREED from the intermediate class and later on BEST IN SHOW.  Thanks to the judge Helle Gadeberg, DK uaut. , and to all the sponsors for the many gifts and trophies.

DEJUCH CAC True and Trusty Donna Wetter


^DEJUCH DKCH Caratoot's Center Court got BOB on the DKK's national show in Varde 31.05.2008


DKK Int. Show Hillerød 3.05.08

New Danish Champion ( DKCH )

DKCH DEJUCH Caratoot's Center Court   Breeder: Kaj Gänger , S

Thanks so much for this wonderful dog .................


Same show True and Trusty Electric Boogie became BOB Puppy 6 month old


DEJUCH True and Trusty Donna Wetter won her class and is now Crufts Qualified 2009




PKK Østbirk 8.03.2008 Best of Breed BabyPuppy ( 3-6 month )


   ( DEJUCH Caratoot's Center Court - DKCH KLBCH Toymaker's Tiffany )

B.O.B. Puppy ; Judge : Jan Tornblöm , Sweden

Her litterbrother TRUE AND TRUSTY EYECATCHER  became


DKCH KLBV06 VDHCH DECH TRUE AND TRUSTY APHRODITTE became her           3.CLUB CAC ( one more to go )



New German Junior champs( VK )

DEJUCH Caratoot's Center Court 16month & DJUCH True and Trusty Donna Wetter 11 month


Thanks to bredder Kaj Gänger for this fantastik male. We are of course also very proud of our own breed "Donna".



VK Kropp 20.10.2007 True and Trusty Donna Wetter  " Donna"   V1 Jgd. Cac   BOS

                           Caratoot's Center Court " Snoopy"   V1 Jgd. Cac  ( DJCH VK )


Greetings from Norwegen ( True and Trusty Don Carleone )


07/07/2007 : Wihelmsborgskue, Dommer : Lilian Christensen DK uaut.

BOB HVALP, BEST IN SHOW HVALP; BEST IN SHOW 5 True and Trusty Donna Wetter


Our kids at Juniorhandling.  First Freja Daetz Beck with" Ditte ", second Thoke Daetz Beck with " Snoopy "


 Congratilation to Nina og "Kia" True and Trusty Best In Snow , know running and jumping  in AG 2  &   SP2 

Owner : Baby Gold Star



PKK Lund, Judge: Howard Odgen, U.K.

True and Trusty Donna Wetter : Very promissing, BOS Bitch Baby

Caratoot's Center Court : 1v. YouthclassCK CERT  BIK3        


True and Trusty Donna Wetter  got here own page . Find more information " Papillons". 


We got post from"Hermann" True and Trusty Dalli Dalli  now 3 month old living with Mette Olsen ; Gallinas Papillon, DK. 


Today True and Trusty Don Carleone moves to Norway to Brit Nesse " Bolix" and True and Trusty Dalli Dalli moves to Mette Olsen "Galinas", Denmark. True and Trusty Donna Wetter stays with us here on the island Fyn.

                                                           True and Trusty Donna Wetter , 8 weeks


PKK show d. 27. januar 2007. Judge:J. Ohlsson, S

Very promising  , BOB Puppy &  winner of Toymaker's trouphe for BIS Puppie

Caratoot's Center Court  "Snoopy"  ( Opdr.: Kaj Gänger, S )


" Ditte" is #1 papillon bitch 2006 ( final Top 10 ranking list PKK )

and  for the first time a danish breed top bitch receives the title KLBV06 also being the highest placed danish bred papillonbitch 2006 #1


DKCH JHSG06 KLBV06 True and Trusty Aphroditte 28mdr.

(  DKCH LGSD04 KLBCH  Toymker's Tiffany   -  MULTICH. Denemore Noble Perfection  )

Thanks to the judges who had so high opions of her.


  Jahrhundertsieger 2006  


DKCH JHSG06 True and Trusty Aphroditte

( MultiCh. Denemore Noble Perfection - DKCh KLBCH Toymaker's Tiffany)


VDH Dortmund D. 15.okt.2006 : Judge: Walter Schicker, D

V1 , VDH CAC , Club CAC, CACIB, Best female, BOS, JHSG06





Caratoot's Center Court " Snoopy"


( NUCH Carover's Jagger - SUCH NUCH SV04 Caratoot's Classic Confidence)

Thanks to Kaj Gänger  for our first papillon boy. 


NEW Danish Champion 22 month old

True and Trusty Aphroditte

( Multich. Denemore Noble Perfection- DKCH KLBCH LDSG 04 Toymaker's Tiffany )

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